Mind The Paws Pet Boutique

About our online store

Mind the Paws was founded by myself, Tara, back in 2015, originally as a very successful dog boarding and cat sitting business. This hands-on experience, alongside having the pleasure of being owned by several cats and dogs (as well as a goat, pigs, ponies, chickens, and a house rabbit) over many years, resulted in Mind the Paws Pet Boutique being born.

Having purchased many pet products over the years for both my own pets and guest pets, I would often find myself ordering numerous items from a whole host of different retailers. That coupled with having dogs that are far from what you would describe as delicate, meant that I would often find toys and training items would not last five minutes. As you can imagine, this was not only time consuming but frustrating and costly too.

I will only source the best quality products that I can for Mind the Paws Pet Boutique and where possible, from other small businesses. This means you can be assured that all items, for both your dogs and cats have been personally selected by me, using the knowledge I have gained from my many years of experience. Choosing only the best quality dog treats, natural dog chews, healthy cat treats, durable yet fun toys for play and enrichment and some top-quality supplements, alongside many other items that I hope you and your pets will love.

Where at all possible, I will be choosing products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. This will also be applicable to the packaging that your orders arrive in which will be either recycled or recyclable. Please reuse or recycle your packaging where you can.

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