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Do you know that April 11th is National Pet Day?

Ginger English cocker spaniel

National pet day was started back in 2006 by a lady called Colleen Paige, in America. The intention being to highlight the plight of all pets that find themselves in rescue shelters, waiting to be adopted.

The day is now celebrated in lots of other countries to including the UK, Spain, New Zealand, Israel, Australia, Italy and many more

Thanks to social media and some celebrity support the day has really gathered momentum and helped to highlight the ongoing problem of pets finding themselves in rescue centres. This could be due to abandonment, owners change in circumstances or often animals that are seized from the owners due to neglect or cruelty. Some of the pets who have more complex issues will find themselves spending months, if not years waiting for the right home to come along, all the while being fed, housed and cared for by a rescue centre and this all comes at a great cost.

Of course, adopting a pet isn’t for everyone and circumstances don’t always allow for this. Other ways you can help are to share the plight of different animals and rescue centres on social media. Share and like their posts to help give them much needed attention. The post you share may be the one that helps that animal find it’s new loving home. You can of course donate, either time, money, food, toys, bedding etc to a local animal rescue centre.

If you really can’t adopt but do want that adorable little puppy, kitten, rabbit, pony, piglet or chicken (other pets are available!) whichever is your pet of choice, please, please do your homework and find a responsible breeder. 

How will you be celebrating National Pet Day? Perhaps treats your pets to some of our tasty treats or a new toy? I shall be spending it spoiling my pets rotten. But that’s just how we roll everyday – right?!

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