Kater4K9 AVMOFlex All Round Dog Supplement


Keeping our dogs in tip top condition starts from the inside out. I am thrilled with the quality of the pet supplements I have here for you.  I have a selection of plant based supplements from Kater4k9 and also some top quality natural products from Natural Cornish.  A combination of oils and powder supplements. All giving outstanding results for issues such as; mobility and joints, nervousness and anxiety, skin and coat and much more.

Making our pets health and wellbeing a top priority.

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    Kater4K9 AVMOFlex All Round Dog Supplement


    AVMOflex dog supplement – the all in one super supplement for our dogs.

    Helping with:

    • Pigmentation
    • Dental health
    • To stop grass eating
    • Ensuring raw fed dogs have all the nutrients they need
    • Joint health
    • Digestive health
    • Skin & coat
    • Cognitive function
    • Heart health
    • Anti oxidants
    • Improved immunity
    • Reduction in allergy symptoms
    • Urinary health
    • Blood purifying
    • Detoxification
    • Cancer fighting properties

    Especially good for raw fed dogs and from another small supplier that has the best interest of our dogs at heart, not profit margins.

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    Kater4K9 KalmoFlex Dog Supplement To Help With Stress and Anxiety


    A dog supplement that can help your dog if they suffer with stress and anxiety. Or maybe they do with a little extra help during particularly busy or stressful times such as Christmas or the firework season?

    KalmoFlex is a natural, powdered dog supplement that can be used to help:

    • Maintain focus and combat stress, tension, anxiety, nervousness, and fearfulness in your dog.

    A natural product with no sedative effects.

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    Kater4K9 KineticFlex Dog Supplement for Joints


    KineticFlex is a Hip and Joint dog supplement containing a synergy of 10 proven key ingredients to help ensure the long term mobility of your dog by using the optimum ratio of highest purity research-based ingredients .

    • Helping to support your dog’s hips and joints
    • Nourishes, conditions, replenishes and lubricates
    • Promotes mobility
    • Relieves discomfort
    • Formulated for optimum joint health
    • Suitable for long-term administration
    • Highest purity proven ingredients
    • No fillers or bulking agents, just pure ingredients

    I regularly give this to Max. With him enjoying Canicross and general running and being a loon, I think it is important to think of his long term mobility with him being such an active dog. Prevention is better than cure after all.

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    Kater4K9 PreproFlex Dog Supplement


    This newly formulated Preproflex is a veterinary strength, fast acting, Pre, Pro and Postbiotic dog supplement. I have been giving it to Daisy for some time now and can confirm it is brilliant!

    It has the ability to:

    • Reduce/eliminate bad bacteria and toxins that can cause diarrhoea
    • Improve the symptoms caused by allergies
    • Can help with weight gain
    • Encourages the growth of friendly bacteria
    • Helps prevent infectious diseases of gastro intestinal tract
    • Enhances the bodies immune system
    • Helps reduce wind
    • Support healthy digestion
    • Improve Coat condition
    • Improve overall health
    • Give firmer stools
    • Support digestive health
    • Help dogs with sensitive digestion
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    Kater4K9 Prodermaflex Dog Supplement 1 Litre


    ProdermaFlex is a skin and coat dog supplement. By harnessing the power of cold pressed hempseeds, ProdermaFlex is an excellent plant source of Omega 3, 6 and 9, free from the risk of toxins and dioxins.

    It can be added to the feed or applied directly to the coat.

    Another fabulous product from Kater4K9.


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    Natural Cornish Pet Flaxseed Oil Dog Supplement & Cat Supplement 250ml


    The finest, freshest, sustainably sourced British Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil supplement suitable for both dogs & cats. Packed with Omega 9 as well as 3&6 this Flaxseed oil can help with itchy skin, support a healthy immune system and joints and mobility.  See below for more details.

    Why not mix it up and add Salmon oil to your pets for one month and Flaxseed oil the next?

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    Natural Cornish Scottish Salmon Oil Dog Supplement & Cat Supplement 250ml


    The finest, freshest, sustainably sourced, all natural dog supplement – Scottish Salmon Oil. Also suitable and beneficial for cats, because only the best is good enough! Packed with Omegas 3&6 helping to calm itchy skin, give a super shiny coat, help with joint mobility, and to strengthen the immune system, as well as a whole lot of other benefits – see below for further details.

    Helping to keep our cats and dogs in tiptop condition.

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