Fluff and Tough Ike Pheasant plush dog toy

Fluff & Tuff Ike Pheasant – Plush Dog Toy

Welcoming Fluff & Tuff dog toy, Ike.

Bring out the inner hunter in your pup with Ike the Flying Pheasant. He’s perfect for chasing or shaking by his floppy wings and tail feathers.

Fluff & Tuff Nuts Squirrel, plush, durable dog toy

Fluff & Tuff Nuts Squirrel – Plush Dog Toy

Every dog’s dream…their very own squirrel to keep.

Nuts Squirrel may hoard his acorns, but he’s always ready to share the fun. His fluffy tail is tempting for chasing, but his sturdy body is great for tugging.