Natural Cornish Coffee Wood Natural Dog Chew

Coffee Wood Dog Chew – Medium

Coffee wood dog chews are a caffeine free, long lasting chew and they are 100% naturally sourced. A great boredom buster, (particularly for dogs that sometimes take a fancy to a table leg or skirting board!) that provides long lasting enrichment while helping to keep teeth and gums clean too. And all of this with zero calories


Small, Medium & Large, Naturally Shed Deer Antler, Natural Dog Chews

Naturally Shed Deer Antler Dog Chews

These Deer Antler Dog Chews are gathered every year after they have naturally shed. They are a very long lasting and 100% natural dog chew and are great for dental hygiene. A dog treat that will keep your dogs entertained for hours on end.

I currently have three sizes available for you. Small, medium or large.

LickiMat Wobble purple, slow feeder and enrichment for dogs

LickiMat Wobble, Slow Feeder, Treat Mat – Purple

The LickiMat Wobble is a dog bowl like no other. You just spread the food over the soft and soothing bumps, then the bowl just wobbles around as your dog licks the food. A slow feeder you dog will enjoy. The beauty of this is that while it is a challenge and a fun way of consuming meals, for all of those clever dogs, it will not frustrate your dog. This is because the food is easily available on the surface of the wobble and they can reach it at all times.

However if you think your dog might find it a little too challenging to start with, you can turn the Wobble inside out so that the bumps are on the outside and the Wobble not wobbling, therefore much easier for the dogs to get their food but still having more fun.

Dogs love to work for their food. Make their mealtimes more enriching today!



LickiMat Slomo Green

LickiMat Slomo, Slow Feeder, Treat Mat – Green

Another great dog accessory from LickiMat, the Slomo is fantastic for food enrichment.  There are two different textured surfaces divided up into four sections so you can easily section up different foods if you wish. Making every meal time a great experience.

It is also much more robust for the Daisy type dogs of this world. This also makes it a great choice for puppies that might be more liable to chew.

I think possibly one of the best attributes though, is that you can use it as a slow feeding bowl, especially for small and medium sized dogs. This greatly reduces the risk of bloat for those dogs, like my own, that like to inhale rather than eat their meals if they are given half a chance!