Natural Cornish Scottish Salmon Oil Dog Supplement & Cat Supplement 250ml

The finest, freshest, sustainably sourced, all natural dog supplement – Scottish Salmon Oil. Also suitable and beneficial for cats, because only the best is good enough! Packed with Omegas 3&6 helping to calm itchy skin, give a super shiny coat, help with joint mobility, and to strengthen the immune system, as well as a whole lot of other benefits – see below for further details.

Helping to keep our cats and dogs in tiptop condition.

Forthglade healthy grain free dog biscuits bundle

Forthglade Dog Treat Bundle

Featuring three of our most popular Forthglade dog treats. Delicious, grain free, healthy dog treats made in the UK using only natural ingredients.

Each individual dog treat can be easily broken in two for smaller dogs, or simply to make them last longer

Vegetable & peanut butter natural dog treat

Vegetable & Peanut Butter Dog Chew

Natural Cornish Vegetable & Peanut Butter natural dental dog chew. A fun, functional, healthy and low in fat chew for your four-legged friend!

Perfect size dog chew for redirecting if you have a problem with puppy biting!

Purchase up to 5 for only £1.50 postage when ordering independently from other items.

Ciao Churu Creamy Chicken Cat Treat

Churu Creamy Cat Treat – Chicken

Churu creamy cat treats are a high quality, healthy, creamy and low calorie lick-able puree treat made with no by products and or additives, that is loved by pet cats all over the world. Served in easy to open to sachets with versatile serving methods including being fed straight from the packet, squeezed into a bowl or used to assist with feeding medication. Churu is perfect for those fussy cats.

Perfect for use with the Felix LickiMat for some easy cat enrichment.

Orange LickiMat Buddy

LickiMat Buddy – Dog Accessory – Orange

Enrichment is so important for our pets and you won’t find a much easier or more fun way than using a Lickimat to release those all calming endorphins.  The Buddy is perfect for dogs like Max that are not likely to pick them up and try to eat the mat as well as the food that you put on them (Daisy!).  Perfect for use with Peanut butter, LickiMat sprinkles, banana, raw or wet food.

West Paw Large Tangerine Toppl

West Paw Zogoflex Toppl Enrichment Dog Toy

The Toppl is a fun puzzle dog toy built for moderate chewers and they come in lovely, fun bright colours so you won’t lose them under the sofa!

Get creative with your fillings to really give your dogs a treat!

Beco, Blue, natural rubber ball dog toy

Beco Natural Rubber Ball Dog Toy

This natural rubber ball dog toy bounces and wobbles making play time so much fun. It has a hole for hiding treats, so can easily be used for enrichment games. Or why not fill it with tasty treats and hide the ball, encouraging your dog to use their nose to sniff it out.  Made from a springy natural rubber, it’s suitable for heavy chewers.

Three of the best activities for dogs, play, enrichment and scent work and with this simple dog toy you can easily combine all three activities in one.

This ball pairs perfectly with the peanut butter to spread around the inside or the meat pate, which you can cut into appropriate sizes and fill as required. Add in a few biscuits too and your dogs will love you for it.